I wanted to help out all of the future letterers out there by offering up some suggested places to start, and to give the people who love those future letterers some great gift ideas. More installments to come!

Starter Kits:

1. Laura Hooper Calligraphy Kit $60 (I love that she includes a left-handed option, I’m right handed but when a friend was trying to learn calligraphy at a group lesson we realized that the nibs we had aren’t made for left handed users!)

2. Maybelle Calligraphy Workshop in a Box, $50

3. Linea Carta Calligraphy Starter Kit, $35 (this kit uses a straight holder which some letterers prefer, I think it would result in a more modern lettering rather than the copperplate slant that is made easier by the oblique holder)

4. Everly Calligraphy Starter Kit, $35

5. Antiquaria Design, $55

Calligraphy/Lettering Classes:

6. Copperplate Calligraphy class by Deb Warnat, Birmingham AL, $135 for 5 weekly classes (this is the class I took)

7. Molly Jacques Modern Calligraphy Skillshare Class (use my link for $10 off!) $20-29

8. The First Steps of Handlettering by Mary Kate McDevitt on Skillshare (use my link for $10 off!)

9. I Still Love Calligraphy by Melissa Esplin (online course) $95

To find supplies for your calligraphy class I recommend Paper and Ink Arts, online but based in Nashville for you luck Nashville folks, (and check out the resources page above for specifics on the supplies I use!)

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